JELN Imprägnierung GmbH was founded in 2003 by the chemist Dr. Christian Pluta. The company is located in Schwalmtal/Germany. At the beginning JELN exclusively developed and produced sealers and impregnants. Anyway, in the course of many individual customer requests and cooperations with universities and reasearch institutions the product portfolio was steadily enlarged. Today the product portfolio comprises three different fields:

  • The devision Impregnants includes sealers for Additive Manufacturing, Castings and Thermal Spraying. Some sealers are TÜV-approved.
  • The area Composites comprises coatings for wear and corrosion protection as well as castings for maintenance and machine engineering.
  • The third devision refers to the Adhesives. The poduction includes impact resistant adhesives (for fixing wear resistant ceramic tiles) and adhesives with approval for food contact.