Since 2004 there is a cooperation between the Rehart Group and JELN GmbH in the field of composites. Rehart is responsible for the technical advice regarding suitability and application as well as for the sales. Research/development and the production is provided by JELN.

Your advantages:

  • You can chose if you want to apply the material yourself or if you want the complete service.
  • You can rely on the longterm experience in the maintenance business in particular in the application of composites.
  • In the case where composites are not the suitable material Rehart can offer you a bunch of alternatives as TPA, MIG, WIG, OA etc..

Our brochure with the description of our main products including application examples: Overview Composites (PDF-Document).

Below you find a list of the composites with a link to the corresponding technical data sheet. If there is no product which fits your requirements, plese contact us. If neccessary we will develop your product for your specific application.

 Product Special properties  Download
Highly wear resistant putties with ceramic spheres
B1 Large sheres up to 1,5 mm against extreme wear TDS-B1-ENG
B1S Smaller spheres up to 0,8 mm TDS-B1S- ENG
B1SF Impact resistant TDS-B1SF-ENG
B1F Fast curing, for emergency repairs TDS-B1F-GER
Liquid products against aggressive chemicals
B3 Very good resistance against many acids and aggressive exhaust fumes TDS-B3-GER
B3TF Best chemical resistance against chemicals and aggressive fumes; has to be annealed at 90 – 100°C TDS-B3TF-ENG
B4CB Medium to high viscosity coating with generally very good chemical resistance and wear resistance TDS-B4CB-ENG
B4AC Low viscous coating with very good chemical resistance and fast curing TDS-B4AC-ENG
Liquid composites with high wear resistance (higher contents of ceramics)
B4 Medium to high viscosity composite with high contents of ceramics, high wear resistance; approved by TÜV in Germany TDS-B4-ENG
B4TF Medium viscosity product with improved temperature resistance; approved for nuclear power stations TDS-B4TF-ENG
B4NV Low viscous composites with excellent adhesion and very good leveling and chemical resistance  TDS-B4NV
B4NV-SF High viscous composite with impact resistance, also as a primer
B4AS Low viscous composite with antistatik properties (partly conductive)  TDS-B4AS
B4LM Medium viscous composite with approval for food contact  TDS-B4LM
B4AH-7 High viscous composite with antistick properties  TDS-B4AH-7
Low viscous coatings which can be sprayed
B4NV-S Excellent corrosion protection (salt spray test) and very good wear resistance, tough, excellent coatability, approved by power supply companies TDS-B4NV-S
B4CB-NSR Icreased chemical resistance, fast curing, hard, approved by power supply companies DS-B4CB-NSR
Puttie with fine fillers
B6 Machinable putty filled with metal particles TDS-B6
B4+ Wear resistant putty with fine ceramic particles and limited machinability TDS-B4+