Thermal spraying

Depending on the process thermal spray coatings show a significant degree of porosities. In a corrosive environment these porosities may lead to the complete failure of the layer.

Sealing with the right impregnant may overcome this problem in most cases.

JELN has developed a great variety of sealers which match the requirements of thermally sprayed layers; irrespective of the process (flame spraying, APS, HVOF etc.).

The parameters as viscosity, chemical composition and surface tension have been adapted in a way that the sealers perform well in the salt spray test and the practice, respectively. Some sealers modify also the surface properties or even improve the wear resistance of the layer.

Specimen which has been sealed with Nano-Seal HLE after 700 h salt spraying without any corrosion.

Unsealed specimen after 3 days in a salt spray test.

Below you find a list of our standard impregnants in the field of thermally sprayed coatings. Special sealers as water-based ones are not yet mentioned. Please contact us if you are interested.

For more details please click on the link of the Technical Data Sheet or contact our expert:

Mr. Dennis Zander:, +49 (0) 157 72455012

Product Components Solvents Special properties Data Sheet
Nano-Seal 120  1  yes Faster curing, TÜV approved, low viscosity. TDS-120-EN
Nano-Seal 120M  1  yes As Nano-Seal 120 but higher contents of solids, for larger pores. TDS-120M-EN
Nano-Seal 120G  1  yes Contains only polymers with approval for food contact.  TDS-190K-EN
Nano-Seal 190K  1  yes Very fast touch-dry, forms a densely crosslinked network.  TDS-190K-EN
Nano-Seal ST  2  no High chemical resistance, 100 % solids.  TDS-ST-EN
Nano-Seal ST60  2  yes As STR but with solvents in order to reduce the viscosity and the film thickness.  TDS-ST60-EN
Nano-Seal HLE  1  Yes Very hydrophobic sealer with antistick properties, high chemical resistance in particular after annealing, thermal resistance up to 350°C.  TDS-HLE-EN
Nano-Seal 500  1  Yes Hydrophobic Sealer with a thermal resistance up to 500°C  TDS-500-EN