Rapid Prototyping

JELN GmbH offers a wide range of sealers for Additive Manufacturing.

Main target is to seal the pores inside. Anyway, often the surfaces are also modified thus improving the smothness or even imparting a certain antistick effect. Due to the broad variety of sealers and our continuous development we are sure that we can provide the right product for your individual application irrespective of wether you printed by FDM, SLS, SLM etc. or wether your model is made of metal or polymers.

Below you find a list of our standard sealers for Additive Manufacturing. For more details you can click on the link to the technical data sheet or contact our expert: Herr Dennis Zander: d.zander@jeln.de+49 (0) 157 72455012

Product Components Solvents Special properties Data Sheet
Nano-Seal 180W  1  none Water-based, TÜV-approved, in particular efficient and proved in numerous applications for FDM and SLS, very good sealing properties due to high contents of solids.

Nano-Seal 180W+ is the new improved version. Advantages are a lower viscosity, a better penetration, a higher hydrophobicity and a better resistance against aqueous chemicals.

Nano-Seal 120R  1  yes Fast drying, approved by TÜV Germany, low viscosity. 120R-EN
Nano-Seal 120MR  1  yes As Nano-Seal 120 but with a higher contents of solids; for somewhat larger pores. 120MR-EN
Nano-Seal 120GR  1  yes Contains only polymers with approval for food contact. 120GR-EN
Nano-Seal STR  2  none High chemical resistance, 100 % solids. STR-EN
Nano-Seal STR60  2  yes As Nano-Seal STR, but with solvents in order to reduce film thickness und improving penetration in small pores. STR60-EN
Nano-Seal HLER  1  yes Very hydrophobic sealer with antistick effect to some extend, high chemical resistance in particular after annealing, thermal resistance up to 350°C. HLER-EN
Nano-Seal 500R  1  yes Hydrophobic sealer with a temperature resistance up to500°C. 500R-EN